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5 Reasons to Buy yourself a Holiday Home

Always thought about owning your own holiday home? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying one!

1. Save money – You’re probably thinking, how on earth do you save money when buying a holiday home? Well, after the initial upfront cost, having a holiday home can be cost effective. Saving on flight costs and hotel fees, your holiday home is available for you to use as many times as you want during the caravan park season. You will save yourself the cost of hiring out a caravan or holiday home every time you want to go on a vacation.

2. Family friendly site - Whilst a holiday home will give you that peace and tranquillity you’re looking for away from the busy lifestyle at home, it will also give you the opportunity to be part of a new community, finding yourself new friendships. Having a holiday home also allows you to have your closest friends and family members with you to enjoy that precious family time!

3. Flexibility - When renting or booking a holiday, you will be looking at specific dates that you can escape from your busy work schedule or family life. It's disheartening when that small slot of time that you can afford to go on a quick vacation to recharge your batteries just isn't available. Having your own holiday home allows you that flexibility for when that Friday afternoon of meetings has just been postponed or the weekend family commitments have just been cancelled. You can simply get in the car and travel to your holiday home which is ready and waiting for you any time you want.

4. Luxury – Holiday homes come in all types, shapes and sizes. Here, at Bryn Awel Caravans, we sell caravan holiday homes. Gone are the days where caravans look like tin sheds, with no central heating or double glazing, featured with floral frilly curtains and everything in shades of PEACH! Caravan holiday homes are designed to provide that home from home feel with a touch of luxury. We pride ourselves at Bryn Awel Caravan Park on ensuring that all our caravans are of a high specification with central heating and double glazing as standard. With owning your own caravan holiday home you can make your caravan feel as homely and luxurious as you wish, choosing the colours and layouts that suit your tastes and needs.

5. Location - Having a caravan holiday home based in your favourite location means that you can come back as many times as you want for as long as you want! Anglesey being a tourist hot spot makes it a very popular choice with people travelling far and wide to see this beautiful island. With breath-taking beaches, a lush country side to explore and historical monuments to discover - it would make sense to want to have your home from home located here! Somewhere to bring your friends, children and grandchildren to become part of another community.

We appreciate that purchasing a holiday home is a big commitment. However, we are here to help you every step of the way. If you’re looking to buy a holiday home or just looking for some advice, please send us an email info@brynawelcaravans.co.uk or contact us on

01248450801. We are happy to help!

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